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What do I mean for free? When you think “Ok, I’m ready to sell my house” you need to know the best options . However you know that to sell your house, you have to pay for any major repairs to even list the house then you have to pay for any repairs or updates that the buyer wants ($$$) before they will commit to buying the house. When it’s time to close, you have to pay for movers, a cleaning crew, and most likely some sort of home warranty for the new buyer PLUS whatever closing costs they want you to pay ($$$$). Whatever you don’t want to take to your new home, you have to pay to get rid of it somehow (whether it’s the gas it takes you to take it somewhere to, or if you hire one of the companies that will pick up unwanted things – $). But that’s not all … the contract you signed with the realtor to sell your house? It will give them 5% or more of your purchase price (on a $200,000 house you would give away $10,000 or more – $). While of this is going on, you will have to come up a deposit or escrow money due on your new place to live ($). All of these costs add up ($$$$$$$$$$) very quickly when trying to sell your house!

However, when you sell your house to Southern RockPointe Realty, LLC we can take care of 100% of those costs! You don’t have to make any repairs, you don’t have to throw out that couch that you’ve been meaning to get rid of, you don’t have to patch that hole in the roof from that last storm, you don’t have to scrub that mold from under the soap dish in the bathtub, you don’t have to fix that broken piece of tile in the kitchen, you don’t have to replace that portion of the fence that is falling down, you don’t have to clean from top to bottom for open houses – every, single, time someone wants to come see the house. If you are saying “I need to sell my house”. You take what you want from the house, and we will take care of the rest. And yes we can even help you get into your new place! 🤗

Erin Buys Houses in North DFW Texas

Why not get a free offer from us before you sign a long-term contract with an agent who has 40 other clients and can’t focus on what YOU need and how fast you need it? We are in this with you! You have nothing to lose.

We are Erin & Family – here to do our best to bring you an offer that specifically works for YOU.

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” I just need to sell my house. I don’t want it on the market for 90 days, I don’t want a bank to tell me it doesn’t appraise enough, I don’t want to find out at closing that the buyer isn’t approved. I need to sell and I need to sell now!”

You most likely have enough stress, and the unpredictability of selling your house only adds more stress. When you list with a realtor first there’s making sure you get a good agent who will listen to what you want, then there’s making all the changes the agent tells you have to be done in order to sell – but that’s not all. All of the repairs, all of the cleaning, and don’t forget to put all of your pictures away. Of course then you have to leave your home whenever someone wants to come take a look around the house. And the list goes on. The conclusion is you end up wasting way too much time and way too much money.

We Have The Trouble-Free Solution!

We have made selling your property in North DFW Texas, to us, easy. You don’t have to handle anything, we take care of everything. Take what you want and leave the rest. PLUS we can even close on the date you choose!

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We buy houses in ANY CONDITION! We pay cash and you will not pay any commissions, agents or fees. Complete the form below to get your fair cash offer within 24 hours or less!
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